Ceramic Artwork

Selfies are great, well fairly good, well, they have a place in our lives.

But, they are fleeting, they catch a moment, perhaps tell a piece of a story, but soon they are, if not gone … just lost in a sea of social media.

Ceramic:U is a unique and new way to let the world know who you are, or to capture and hold U (or someone special to U) at a particular time in life. Something solid and real that will last into the future.

:U as a work of art

We have blended some of the newest technologies, 3d printing and photogrammetry with some of the oldest, ceramics, slip casting , glazing and transfer printing to produce a unique work of art which is truly, all about :U

We met Amber, and she agreed to model for us for a few minutes

Then we spent some time working on those pictures…

…and created a 3D image of her

We created a 3d model of Amber…

…and a plaster mould from that.

and created … Amber as a work of Art.

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This version (mounted) is for sale

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Art for art's sake!

This idea has evolved from the best of all possible places, the enthusiasm of everyone we’ve researched it with.

1. Use the technology to solve problems, not just because it’s there.

2. If the results don’t make you go “wow” then we’ve missed our target.

The idea is to create personal art that expresses something in you, the technology is just a route. Here are some of the pieces we have made, many more to follow.


So, what is UUCreations (pronounced W Creations) all about? We left it until now to tell you, because we’re all about :U


UUCreations has been formed with a distinct idea, to bring products to the market which have a key focus, they allow our customers to express their individuality through personal art, as we say, “It’s all about :U”

Right now our focus is on the Ceramic:U range, but over time we will introduce new products and services. We have lots of ideas in the pipeline, but if you have something that you think fits our ideas, you can drop our Chief Wow with a note and they’ll be happy to see if we can work together.

Ceramics are about creativity…

…and offer a world of artwork

we take 3d Printing…

and its ability to models…

…to create new art.

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It’s new and it’s all about :U (and us!)

Beta testing time…

We’ve been developing this idea for the last 6 months, many thousands of photographs taken, lots of models made and slip cast to the wind (a little potter’s joke!).

We’ve honed the edges, tested transfers, and developed our ideas, but it’s not really about us it’s all about … (oh you know by now!)

So – we are ready to see if our efforts have been worthwhile, and are looking for people to help us carry out a beta test – in fact 100 of them.

If you’d like to be part of the beta test, we’re offering the incentive of 50% off our expected launch pricing, for the first 100 applicants.


What you’ll get

• Photography session (10 mins)

• TWO mounted models (one person), most likely made of Porcelain, but possibly Terracotta, Earthenware– as we decide, decorated as we choose.

• Model will be circa 5 inches high, plus a stand of our design.

What you’ll pay

• £180.00 (£150 + vat)

What happens next?

•You email us!

• We’ll contact you if we can include you in the Beta Test, there are some geographic restrictions, but you may be offered the opportunity to test our “diy photography” option.

• If you’re not included in the test we will send you a money off voucher worth up to £100 to be used when the beta test is completed.

Be one of the first?

Then send us your contact details


Every piece of our great artwork begins with the camera.

We need photographers from around the country who can call on our customers, and start that process.

Ideally we’re looking for Photographic club members (Student University or Local club) , as we know they have the love of a good photograph at their heart.

To join the team you’d need to be able to supply references, pass a practical photography test, and be able to be (or be) CRB checked. We will pay you for each set of photographs you take.

If you are interested, please email your contact details to saycheese@uucreations.co.uk and we’ll get straight back to you.


If you have any questions or ideas, please email us, or contact us on our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Email addresses are:

Chief Creator – ChiefC@uucreations.co.uk

In Charge of production – ChiefWow@uucreations.co.uk

In Charge of IT delivery – ChiefYes@uucreations.co.uk

If you want to buy Amber – ChiefSale@uucreations.co.uk

If you want to be a photographer - saycheese@uucreations.co.uk